Privacy Policy

I believe in a right to privacy, for everyone. Your data is your business and I’m happy to leave it in your capable hands.

In order to create and sell Musicality, and to provide quality support, I do need to collect and retain some personal information. I will never share this information with third parties, except as needed to offer Musicality for sale, and to provide you with support after.

Software Sales

At no point do I ever see your credit card number, expiration date, or CVV code.

If you purchase Musicality through the in-app purchase screen, or via our website, your purchase is processed by FastSpring, a company with an excellent track record and a strong privacy policy. Once the purchase is complete, I receive a copy of the receipt which includes your full name, postal and email address, phone number, and company name (if provided). I retain this information to identify you as the owner of a Musicality license, in case you contact me for support, or ask me to resend your license code should you lose it.

If you “purchase” (it’s free) Musicality Remote through Apple’s iOS App Store, your payment information is processed by Apple, who have their own privacy policy. In this case I receive no information about you at all.

Support Requests

When you contact me for support, I receive your email address and any information you choose to provide. I may archive this information, in case you contact me in the future with a similar problem, or to help identify and diagnose larger issues that impact more people.

Depending on the issue, I may ask you to send Musicality’s log file to help diagnose the source of the problem; see “Log Files” for more information. This is often helpful but always optional.

I use FastMail to handle my email; you can read their privacy policy here.

Log Files

To help diagnose issues, should they arise, Musicality keeps a log of its activity in a file on your computer. This log file can contain information about the music which you have streamed using Musicality, as well as the names of AirPlay devices on your network. It does not contain user names, passwords, or anything that could personally identify you. A new file is started each time Musicality is launched, and the old file is erased.

The log file is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/Musicality/Musicality.log in plain text and may viewed at any time.

Crash Reports

If Musicality crashes, it will ask if you would like to send a crash report. These reports contain information about the state of the app and device at the time it crashed. They do not contain any personally identifiable information. You are also given an opportunity to provide your name and email address, which may be used to follow up with you regarding the crash.

I use HockeyApp to collect and aggregate crash reports; you can find their privacy policy here. I keep crash reports only for the last few releases of Musicality, after which they are deleted.

Software Updates

Musicality periodically checks to see if news or a newer version is available. To perform this check, it sends a small amount of metadata including the current version number and which news update was last seen. This information is not captured or stored after the initial request, and is not personally identifiable.


The Industrious One websites and downloadable files are hosted on servers which keep aggregate logs such as the number of times that a particular file is requested. I may use this information to determine which pages are being visited, and which downloads are popular. I avoid using services which require browser cookies, and no personally identifiable information is captured or retained.

Email List

The Musicality website allows you to sign up for a email list in order to receive news and updates, which I send rarely, and only when I have something useful to announce.

I use MailChimp to collect and manage this list of addresses, and provide mailing services. They have both a privacy policy and a security policy.

Getting in Touch

If you would like any or all of your information to be removed or corrected, please contact me at and I will be happy to help.

This privacy policy might changed or be edited for clarity from time to time; you can always find the latest version here. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help out. I last modified it on 3 Nov 2018.